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Almost done September 10, 2010

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I graduate a week from today and there are many things I still need to get done! I need to turn in my biography forms for the pinning ceremony today, my geri comp is due by either Monday of Tuesday, and then all of my online class homework is due on Monday and Tuesday. We have to get all of next weeks assignments turned in prior to the pinning ceremony to ensure that we are passing all classes first.

You know me and the grades, I like to calculate my chances for each grade I can achieve and what not and so the only class that really pertained to was my Nursing 3 class, as always. I’ve already figured out it is impossible to get an A (darn those tests!) but I know I’ll at least get a B. A total of 570 points in the class, 535.8 is needed for an A, 484.5 for a B. so far we have 450/570 points graded. The last 120 is for a quiz on Monday and final on Tuesday, then I am done! So, of those 450 points, I have 404 with extra credit included which equals 89%. So of those 120 points left, I need at least 80.5 for a B (85%) and 109 for 90% which is still a B. Remember, an A is over 94%, and it takes more points that what is available to get that. So my goal is to stay above 90% as I have yet to have a final grade below 90% and don’t want to start now.

As far as my ankle and work, things are not going well. I had a follow up appointment yesterday before class and she said my ankle was looking better. Most of the bruising is gone but she could still see some of it, and pushing in certain spots was still very tender. I told her how it swells up still after being on it for long periods of time, such as a shift at work or clinicals (which at this point I am finished), etc. She then wrote me another letter saying that I should stay on a wing at work that allows me to elevate, rest and ice it for about 15 minutes every two hours as needed for 10 days. Well, because all of my hours this weekend were in the AL building and not cottages, I called up my boss and staffing coordinator to fill them in. My boss said it was fine and I left a message with the staff coordinator. About five hours later I get a call from my boss saying that I have been removed from the schedule for those 10 days as they cannot allow me to come to work with restrictions due to a non work related injury. If I can provide a doctors note that says I can work without restrictions then they will put me back on. Problem is, my doctor does not work on Fridays so I’m not sure what to do. I don’t like how they call it restrictions. I see it as an accommodation and for the past three weeks I have worked under these accommodations with little problem. So, I am out 30 hours this weekend and another 8 next week. That is basically the whole paycheck, so I am screwed.

I had to cancel most of my bills that would be sent out next week and I also wanted to get my hair trimmed next week, perhaps colored to fix my old highlights from 11 months ago. I wanted to do this prior to the pinning ceremony. Cassie and I are having a garage sale on the 18th down at her place and so I might have to find more things to sell to make some money. I am also trying to get a hold of a lady in HR to see what options I have for the time being. I just find this situation so frustrating. If I get the restriction lifted I will most likely spend more weeks with a sore ankle because it wont heal when I stand on it for 8 hours straight. On the other hand, I can’t afford to not work, but what will be more? Medical bills due to an unhealed ankle or missing work for 10 days?

Well mom wants me to make cupcakes so I gotta go. I want to make rainbow cupcakes. See link :)


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